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The planning and tracking app that helps you eliminate stress, increase motivation, and accelerate your payoff

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Less Stress

Seeing your step-by-step plan and debt-free date will give you the confidence to move forward

More motivation

Seeing your progress as you make payments will give you the motivation to stay on track

Faster payoff

Learning how to increase your payment effectiveness as you go will accelerate your payoff

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Has really helped me organize and track my debts and my payments. It also helps me feel proud of the stuff I’ve paid off. Seeing the amount I owe go down is gratifying.


This app is easy to follow. I’ve found it really helpful to see the goal, how to achieve it and how long it’s going to take, all in one place. It has given me the most motivation I’ve had to pay off my debts and get ahead.


Great app. Allows me to see the progress I’m making. Also has helpful articles that provide information about paying off debt, and different approaches.


Percent of users surveyed who agreed Debt Payoff Planner has changed their lives for the better


Knowing my debt-free date has been life changing and given me hope and determination


Tracking my payments and seeing the progress I am making has given me life changing motivation to keep making my payments


Following a step-by-step plan is accelerating my payoff

Debt Payoff Planner has the features you would expect and some that might surprise you

✔️ simple step-by-step plan

✔️ Choose avalanche, snowball, or custom order

✔️ Debt-free date and count-down

✔️ Progress by category and account

✔️ Payoff progress charts

✔️ Weekly summary of progress

✔️ Financial literacy resources

✔️ Financial literacy resources

✔️ Compare payoff stategies

✔️ Minimal account information

✔️ Multiple device access

✔️ Secure and backed-up data

✔️ Email support

✔️ Cost of debt summary

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