Frequently Asked Questions
Getting Started
What do the steps mean?

The steps under the section ‘Payoff Plan’ are the amounts to be paid on each debt, and for how long.

How do you add purchases to a credit card without starting over?

To add charges simply add a payment with a negative value.

Is there a way to put in the original balance of a debt and the current balance?

Yes! Simply enter your starting balance and save this debt. Then click on the edit icon for the debt and add a payment that will bring your current balance down to what is accurate, and show how much of the debt you have paid off.

How do you enter a starting date for older loans?

All of the debts are forward looking from when you enter it; no need to enter the start date for the loans.  So just put in the existing balance, aprs, and minimum payments and it’ll tell you when it gets paid off.

Is there a way to change the amount I am required to pay monthly without deleting the debt?

Sure thing.  Just edit the debt by clicking on it and change the value under Debt Details that says Minimum Payment. After you save the plan will be updated accordingly and you can just follow the new plan.

How do I stop my Android app from crashing or freezing?

Occasionally applications will freeze or crash because of an issue with the cache. This is usually solved by clearing the cache.

To clear the cache on Android:

Android Version 9:

  1. Open the Settings app on your device
  2. Go to Apps and Notifications and click See All
  3. Find and click on Debt Payoff Planner
  4. Click on Storage
  5. Click on Clear cache.  DO NOT CLICK ON Clear Storage!!!!!  That would clear all the saved data from your app.

Android Version 6:

  1. Open the Settings app on your device
  2. Go to Device tab and click Applications
  3. Click on Application Manager and find and click on Debt Payoff Planner
  4. Click on Storage
  5. Click on CLEAR CACHE.  DO NOT CLICK ON Clear Data!!!!!  That would clear all the saved data from your app.

If this solution doesn’t improve your experience, please reach-out at so we can help you troubleshoot this further.


My Account
When I try to log in to my account I get a message that the username already exists. How can I log back into my account?

That message comes from the ‘Create Account’ page, but since you already have an account please make sure you are using the ‘Login’ page.

Login Page:

Create Account Page:

How do I reset my password?

There is a Forgot Password link on the login page that will send you an email.  It may end up in your spam folder.  Please let us know if you have issues receiving the email.

Pro Members
I just purchased the Pro version for 24 months, will I automatically be charged again at the end of that time?

No, you will not be charged again in 24 months.  We don’t believe in those forgotten-subscription charges; we want our customers to be happy once they complete their debt-free journey, not frustrated about one more thing they forgot about.  If in 24 months you want to stay on as a Pro Member, you would just sign-up again and you won’t have missed a step.

How do I print with the Pro version?

You print by logging into with your account at with a web browser. Use the print button located in the header of the Payoff Plan.  Note that printing from a mobile device is not supported at this time.

I paid for pro but I am still seeing ads

Please try to force stop the app and then restart. This should remove the ads!

Tracking Payments

I entered all my info and some of them I already payed. The app is showing a past due on some that will be due in a couple days. Is there a way to show that I paid without changing the total?

The due dates are a little weird when you get started.  If the due date is close to the current date when you start, they may show as past due.  They will start being more up-to-date as you begin entering payments.

How do you add interest payments? My listed balance is not accurate to my actual balance.

Since every creditor computes the interest differently we aren’t able to do it automatically. There is a little calculator button that­­­­­ tries to estimate this for you and should be fairly close.

Is interest added to each debt after the cycle ends or do I need to change my starting balance each month?

Changes to your balance are not automatic each month, but we have provided tools to help account for these changes.  To enter a new payment, simply tap on the debt in the app.  This will open a dialog for you to enter your payment.  Be sure to click on the ‘?’ icon and the calculator icon for useful information about entering accurate data.  

If you have not accumulated any new debt during the period then you should be able to use the “Use Payoff Plan Estimate” to pre-populate your payment and interest from your plan.

Still need help? Send us a note!

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